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October 15, 2007


David Wrixon

If there is a problem, and believe that there is, it will be that the average attendee is not getting the ROI on his investment in TRAFFICS.

Domainers are not fundamentally interested in social awareness or fine cuisine. They are interested in the massive returns potentially offered in the Domain Game.

If TRAFFICS is delivering and giving them the edge they will continue to flock there. If it is not, when they see that they have been let down, they will vote with their feet.

Most domainers don't believe their is any money in IDN. Most domainers have never been presented with the facts. Frankly, few of them are able to grasp how the international internet is structured or what punycode is. If IDN is the success that I believe it will be, then TRAFFICS will have let it customers down very badly indeed. TRAFFICS has provided almost zero information on this particular subject.

OK, time will tell, but the hype has to be delivered on, otherwise it will just be seen as expensive hype. The question is does the fee get you the information you need or are you being indoctrinated with the information that other need you to understand?

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