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October 19, 2007


David Wrixon

Maybe, but at the moment these browser only account for a small percentage. Maybe 1% iPhone and similar for Windows. It is Firefox on Symbian Operating System that is really going to make the feathers fly!


Websites already look fine on laptops and desktops, but how do you fit an entire regular website onto a mobile phone screen and make all the content legible? Some maybe, but you wouldn't be able to read the links on the right and left sides of this very blog on a mobile phone screen, for example. It just seems like common sense.

Matthew Nelson

...i wonder what technical edge .TV has.

oh wait, none.

even WITH the greatest undisputed technical edge in the world, new TLD's need some sort of marketing play or nobody will ever know about em.

cant blame mTLD for workin all angels, the first part of marketing has already begun.. the difference is the audience are speculators, developers, fortune 500 companies, etc.

David Wrixon


That is exactly what the iPhone does only very slowly. Most people are blown away by that when they first experience it. Windows does the same.

The point is that if set up on Dot Mobi, you are going to be locked into obsolete standards supporting legacy equipment. If you run it on a dot com you can move as technical standards and market requirements demand.


I would think .mobi could change their mobile standards if need be, there would be no 'locking in' forever. The small screen of the iphone would still be an issue for some people, IMO, just not for all websites.

owen Frager

Forget about those cowboys...
How do you like them apples!
(seen the news after hours...??)

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