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October 20, 2007


David Wrixon

This won't mean as much to you as it does to me.

Seven Mile Bridge is on the A1(M) in County Durham. It has recently been reconstructed and is 400mm too low over the Trunk Road. My Client is getting sued for £1M. They are of course after my PI, even though I am fairly confident we are sweaky clean on this.

This would have been devastating if I weren't in the process of winding things down anyway. Yes, this is a name I won't forget.



You had a member comment on the .us story (right below this post..1-3 back)...saying something to the effect...that you had not made a comment on the subject and he thought that...thats whats this blog was for...and he was a 'somewhat dismaid' by this 'no comment'.

And you answered...like I did not have a strong opinion one way or another...so, you made none.

And then...this post.

LOVE...The Frank opinion when it comes out...

Why?...because its quite 'frankly'...Frank.

Can not get this stuff...anywhere 'sports fans'!

Eat it up...your on the leading edge!

Please do not start charging admission (I will not be able to afford it...LOL


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