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October 01, 2007


Patrick McDermott

"I expect Netsol will make the next logical evolutionary leap and not auction their best names, keeping them to create a media concern of their own."

Frank, I know this is being done but what right does a Registrar have to "keep domains"?

I remember reading somewhere on the ICAAN site that such activity is against ICAAN policy.

Am I mistaken?



I have no idea why registrars, such as NetSol, keeping great names from dropping is allowed. I'm having difficulty articulating my reasoning here other than to say that there must be something ABSOLUTELY unethical and problematic with NetSol acquiring 6-figure expiring domain names for a ridiculous $8 registration fee.

How can this be?!? What are your thoughts here and what, if anything, should ICANN do about it?


Patrick, not to steal franks answer but if you do a little background on some of the other major registrar players you'll see they all have massive portfolios of domains they've "kept to themselves" . The 2 biggies being Dotster and Enom.


and Tucows.

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