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October 13, 2007


john andrews

Thanks Frank (John, not "josh") :-)


Boy....have you got that right. I think that is as destined as night following day. And long overdue.


I totally agree with you,

Most of Parking company are not doing right thing to small domainers, The industry has no transparency in anyway and they can give you anycut they feel like no question ask, And there are a lot of small domainers out their who are very unhappy with those middlemen so called parking companies

There are crying for help from domainers who can't get their own feed for a transparent and very well run "parking" company that will disrupt the current situation in a significant way.

I am always wondering why people like you, who have resources can't do something to change this industry for better, If everyone get FAIR CUT then will be good for domain industry as everyone will know the real value of those domains

I think Bodis try it but I don't think he had enough resource to make significant change , but at least he show the industry that most domainers are not happy of what their getting right now, and they know there is something weird going on with some parking companies

I am using this opportunity to call big player like you Frank to join force and create a parking company for domainers, I am sure it can run itself and make sure everyone getting a Fair CUT for their Traffic with Full transparency


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Yes, re rev share being domainer centric.

That's what i was trying to say when i said this new parking company or, i'll coin this phrase right now, "Traffic Flow" company will take a much lower rev share than what current parking companies take. I figured it was implied in what i wrote that those providing the traffic will get an increase or big increase in revenue share. It just makes sense that they would.

It's a brand spanking new day.

Captain ZOOM

Are the Domain Kings considering the movement of consumers to Set-Top-Box (Cable-TV-Like) arrangements ?

Did the T.R.A.F.F.I.C conference show the new .ZOOM Registry ?

Have people seen how the ZOOM verb replaces the entire DNS entry ?


Who owns the word TO ?
How about THE ?


Craig McKinney


Seems the clever folk who run Namepros.com are about to do everything youve mentioned Frank. :-)


""Michael Gilmour informed me that both TrafficZ and Hitfarm made announcements that they will be “opening up” their statistical information and revenue share information. Michael has been very vocal about parking companies and “full disclosure” propelling the domain space forward.""



Frank Michlick

One challenge to overcome in order to fully open up the information and data is the lack of data coming from the ad feed providers. Unless we build our own domain ad network one day.


Crystal L. Cox

Very Good Comment, I with around 6000 domain names welcome a parking company that is fair to me an all my hard work. My only hope at this point is to develop names as fast as possible. Waiting for transparency in parking companies and better revenue shares. our ideas, our money and the parking company take MOST of the profit.

Howard Bowling

Parking sites opening up their stats and becoming more transparent would be a very welcome development. It would cerently make choosing a parking partner a lot eaisier.

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