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October 26, 2007


Sahar Sarid

For the sake of accuracy, the comment above was made by a reader on my blog who sent this link in, not me.
Agree with your analogy of free internet vs. platforms. Not that you can't make money with platforms, hack, many made many millions with them, but I think this all goes down to investing philosophies. SEO folks are more like day traders. Google is hot today? Let's exploit opportunities there. Domainers are more like Buffett. The internet is strong? Let's invest in it, for tens or hundreds of years to come. SEO folks has no control of what the platform, which is one company for the most part, does. Domainers don't count on one company but collective use of the internet. No one company can take away what we have, no matter what they do.
Free internet vs. Google? I'll take free internet any day of the week.

***FS*** Fitting that a comment this good should come from the person who emailed the link to me.. Thanks Sahar.

Steve Smith

Dear Frank,
Believe it or not if you type-in "Frank Schilling" or "Seven Mile" you are ranked first w/ Google, but it is crazy that RumCakes.com is not ranked #1; however, at this moment in time Google is unstoppable... just ask any Yahoo employee.
In any event, owning generics is also unstoppable!! And the foundation of generic domain names will never die and some day Google will!
All the best,
Steve Smith

Ed Keay-Smith

Hi Frank,

What a very well said post.

I a agree completely with what you are saying about Google.

As someone that has been consulting with clients regarding SEO & AdWords for the past 4 years, I have had a few of those same experiences as the guy you speak about that was at SES.

I have had sites come and go into the Google night and even worse clients sites where I then have to try and explain to them why their website has vanished into the "Google Sandbox"! This thankfully has not happened much but it is always in the back of my mind that it could happen again.

Your message about the "Free Internet" is something that I think most people don't think about anymore but should as the Google Machine continues to train people to type their search in the little Google box we need to remind them that they don't have to to get to a website that has what they are looking for like www.rumcakes.com

I cannot be a total hypocrite here and slam Google completely as I have build a very successful business based on what they do and that has in turn made me very aware of how powerfull and valuable a great generic domain name is. So I am thankful to them for that.

Thanks again for this great post Frank and all your efforts in the domain arena. It is a very obvious labor of love for you and one that inspires many many others like myself to follow in your footsteps.

I look forward in the near future to meeting you and buying you a drink or two!!

Kind regards

Ed Keay-Smith


Now thats what I am talking about!

Very very well said.

I hope this post of Franks really starts to 'spark' some really serious thought of how to not only effectively 'avoid' the grip of Google on your Internet business life and your life in general...like Frank has already mastered...

But more...much more.

BTW: Google is my start page...I use it everyday...I just do not want to trust them to be providing me with income one day and sending me to the poor house the next.

I feel for 'Vern'...my name was 'Vern' twice...along with thousands of other 'Verns'.

Heres another point. There is no such thing as 'spamming a search engine with 'spam website()s....because in 'reality' there is no such thing as a 'spam website'...they do not exist....never have...never will...more on this later.

Thanks again for this post Frank.


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